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We welcome patients of all backgrounds.

We have an excellent multilingual staff.

Please Welcome Dr. Seem to Family Medicine Shady Grove - He has been the recipient of the America’s Top Family Doctors Award by the Consumers Research Council of America

Meet Our Team

The family friendly medical facility at Family Medicine Shady Grove has its foundation in the ethos of its founding physicians. Doctors Manisha Kalra and Rohit Seem both have families of their own so they know how important your child’s health is to you. Both highly qualified medical professionals, their joint experiences......more

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What our patients say

Hamed K    November 26, 2014   

The check up was very through and the doctor and all the staff members were very friendly!

Shiron Dallas    December 8, 2014   

Great visit (first time)

Haiyan M.    June 30, 2015   

Dr Kalra is nice and patient. When I need her, she can see me as soon as possible. She answers my questions through email whenever I want to know about my case. I am glad to have her.

Sanjana George    July 24, 2014   

Dr. kalra was nice and sweet. And she knew everything about everything.

Ingo P    April 20, 2015   

Excellent services and will recommended Dr. Seem to other.

Sandeep M.    March 26, 2015   

Both Drs. Seem and Kalra are extremely detailed and thorough. I have NEVER experienced this level of comfort with other medical professionals who are in a constant rush to get to the next patient. Very down to earth and personable.

Best wishes to them on starting their own practice - I am exceedingly confident of their success given their excellence.

Anil G    February 13, 2015   

Very good. Dr. Seem was very helpful, assuring, and informative.

Pamela M    December 30, 2014   


Sharon B    March 3, 2015   

The most comfortable setting and very friendly staff.

Leticia G.    August 19, 2014   

Wonderful. I would refer anyone to see Dr Kalra.

Charles Willis Jr    July 24, 2014   

Great visit.

Betelle H.    July 12, 2014   

It was great. Nice staff & doctor. Also, very prompt service.

Rajika J.    November 7, 2014   

My family chose Dr Manisha Kalra as she came recommended. We were so glad we chose her, She is very professional,warm, friendly and makes you feel so at home. She is extremely generous with her time and you feel she really cares. She is like a doctor of an era gone by who makes patients feel they can speak from their heart and discuss what is troubling them. He office staff are also caring and efficient. Lesley is a great assistant. We wish Dr Kalra and her staff all the best and we are happy to be in her care.

Amy S.    July 12, 2014   

Excellent visit. Appreciated the care and attention throughout the visit. I plan to tell my colleagues and friends as its a real distinction to find a doctor's office where you feel you are being heard and someone is offering specific, clear advise with a patient and caring demeanor. So glad I came!

O    March 3, 2015   

The visit was comprehensive. Doctor and staff were very thorough and friendly.

Alexander P.    June 17, 2015   

Dr Seem is an excellent doctor.

David W    August 31, 2015   

Dr Seem is very personal and professional. I highly recommend him. The staff personal were first rate.

Kevin F.    September 30, 2014   

Fantastic experience. Even better doctor! Dr. Kalra has quickly become one of my favorite Primary Care Doctor's I've ever seen. She's smart, sweet and full of wonderful & helpful advice. I've lived in Gaithersburg most of my life and have seen a number of doctors in this area and Dr. Kalra is at the top of my list! She's new to Gaithersburg and I'm sure she'd appreciate you helping her grow! Staff is also wonderful!

Stephane L.    November 26, 2014   

Dr. Kalra was so amazing. I had a mean case of mono and the got me in right away and they did an excellent job explaining to me what I needed to do and received a shot . The nurses were very compassionate. I recommend them to anyone, In fact, I am switching to them as my Primary Care Physician.

Nick G    September 19, 2015   

Always professional, always patient oriented i'm soo glad I found Dr Seem.

Eboni T.    October 24, 2014   

She is very helpful and informative, with an very caring, easygoing demeanor.

Lufuno M.    September 25, 2014   

I have no complains about the visit.

Pamela M    October 29, 2014   

My visit was stress free; no long waiting. The doctor was easy to speak with and she gave clear explanation of my health care management. The office was very enjoyable.

Charli Dugar    July 23, 2014   

Exceptional !! I would recommend Dr. Kalra to everyone I know! My experience started with Leslie who was extremely polite and welcoming. She is definitely an asset to this office. Dr. Kalra is a great doctor , She was very caring and understanding to my situation , she helped me find out my issue and solved it immediately !! She answered all of my questions and had me feeling better in no time . I'm so happy to have found a doctor I can trust ! This Doc knows her stuff !! Thank You so much and Welcome to Gaithersburg

Pei-Hsuan C.    February 6, 2015   

Doctor is really nice and through about asking questions related to my symptoms.

Abhiram G    January 29, 2015   

Dr. See is effective, quick and reassuring.

Traci Hill    December 3, 2014   

Very thorough all who dealt with me, very friendly. Feel very informed and in terms I understand.

Lisa B    January 5, 2015   

Very nice, all questions answered

John K    July 29, 2014   

Wonderful. Dr. Kalra was very personable and took quality time to understand my symptoms. She was very thorough and also discussed various things to help with my sinus infection. I highly recommend Dr. Kalra.

Lea E    March 9, 2015   

We loved our visit with Dr. Seem. He pays attention to every single details. Dr. Seem is a great listener and takes a lot of notes.

Mark Ferguson    October 14, 2014   

Very great staff and doctor. It was not a timely process. Everything went smooth. She really talks on all possible things and also explains other stuff just as a precaution. I left my doctor to see her and I will be staying with her :)

Akin W.    January 29, 2015   

My wife and I just had our first appointment at this practice. The atmosphere was warm and homey. Never before have I gone to the doctor and not want to leave. We enjoyed the care that we received and look forward to developing a closer relationship with this practice as our family continues to grow!

Luz P    November 6, 2015   

Dr Kalra is excellent doctor! Very professional and knowledgeable.Truly cares about the patient. The office staff is very nice.

Kevin F    August 14, 2014   

Amazing visit. Staff & doctor were friendly, kind and very helpful. Will tell everyone now looking a doctor to come see them! Thank you!

Lisa R.    October 20, 2015   

Dr. Manisha Kalra was awesome. Her bedside manner is excellent and she takes the time to answer any of your questions. I would definitely reccommend her!

Thomas K.    June 4, 2015   

This was my first visit and Dr. Seem immediately put me at ease in discussing my medical history and current health status. He is very knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. I am pleased with my choice to have him as our principle physical.

Doris B    February 4, 2015   

Dr. Seem was very good. Thorough evaluation and good advice.

Kerlin M    February 4, 2015   

Dr. Seem was very helpful with my issues and gave me very good advice. Got better in no time! Recommend him to anybody and I'm even going to bring my whole family here.

Alexander P.    May 28, 2015   

Dr. Seem is a great doctor, took time to listen and provided good guidance and treatment plan

Mary H.    May 24, 2015   

Dr. Kalra is absolutely wonderful! She does not rush through the appointment. She always explains everything so that you understand clearly. She is very patient, kind & caring. I feel very comfortable with her as my doctor.

Arpine B    August 25, 2014   


Linda L    December 8, 2014   

Friendly staff and prompt service

Sarah D    June 30, 2015   

Will be referring Dr Kalra to my family. Took her time with me.

Mariam A    November 28, 2014   

Very accommodating. we arrived over 1 hr late due to car trouble. The office staff is friendly and caring. so glad to have found this gem.

Armand D    September 29, 2015   

The entire staff was so pleasant and helpful! Heretofore, I've always felt rushed out like I was on some assembly line, but everyone from the attending nurse to Dr. Seem was attentive, kind, professional and courteous

Ley L.    October 30, 2014   

It was a very good visit. Dr. Kalra was professional and attentive and answered all my questions. I would recommend her as a physician.

Serena L    November 17, 2014   

Excellent Visit. I really like Dr. Kalra and her staff. They are warm and knowledgeable. Dr Kalra in particular is smart, kind and was very patient with my endless list of questions. Would highly recommend. I also like how the office operates digitally.

Richard L    November 20, 2014   

Very professional and caring staff. Friendly and welcoming environment. Also very knowledgeable physician and staff, including the nurse practitioner student.

Kalayan C    July 22, 2014   

She has been so patient and friendly in explaining things to me. Providing treatment to a patient is a skill set every doctor has but understanding their real problem, helping them to get over them requires real skill. Dr. Manisha Kalra is one among such skilled doctors. I highly recommed her.

Lufuno M    August 5, 2014   

They are nice people.

Hattie Montague    October 2, 2014   

It was wonderful!

David H    January 12, 2015   

Efficient and thorough

Grant    December 23, 2014   

Very detailed and patient friendly

Elizabet C    January 15, 2015   

I thought the service was excellent.

Sharmila T.    January 23, 2015   

Dr.Kalra was very friendly, at the same time very professional and thorough with the examination.

Aminata T    February 13, 2015   

It was great. The doctor was very helpful and concern about my actual situation. Dr. Seem gave me good advise. Very best regards.

Katharine Z    July 12, 2014   

It was very helpful, quick service.

John K    February 12, 2015   

I am really impressed with everything from the reception, medical assistants and Dr. Seem. In my life I have never been examined professionally, that's what Dr. Seem did. its as if I am already healed. Thank you Dr. Seem and your team.

Jennifer    August 25, 2014   

I was promptly greeted and welcomed. I was immediately seen and everything was explained. Leslie extremely professional and Dr. Kalra is one of the most professional and approachable physicians I have met. I was extremely impressed with my visit and all office staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Kalra

Stella Brown    November 17, 2014   

Excellent - Leslie (MA), Malorie (Nurse Practitioner Student) and Dr. Kalra are very patient, caring and I enjoyed my visit very much! Impressive the offices were of quality.

Corey M    December 3, 2014   

I enjoyed my first visit. I was able to call and schedule to be seen in 30 minutes. I was seen right away and the doctors were some of the nicest people I have met.

Carlotta D.    July 16, 2014   

Great visit. It was very helpful.

Jian J.    July 14, 2014   

Very friendly environment. Physician was very professional and helped with my reason of visit.

Trisa B.    September 29, 2014   

It was great! One of the best visits I've had! Dr. Kalra was very nice and explained everything in a straight forward manner.

Ernest E.    May 27, 2015   

Dr. Kalra is very thorough, very knowledgeable, nice, highly recommend.

Loleta R    February 2, 2015   

Dr. Kalra is a wonderful physician. Very attentive and thorough. As a new patient I appreciated the time she spent with me. I felt comfortable asking questions.

Bryan R    February 6, 2015   

Very thorough yearly physical. Very patient to explain everything. Not bothered by my follow-up questions.

Teresa B    January 5, 2015   

Great, patient friendly, professional. The best experience.

Andrew    September 26, 2014   

It was an excellent visit.

Amanda R.    September 22, 2014   

Very organized office. Doctor and support staff were all extremely pleasant and professional. Highly recommended.

Joanie G.    November 7, 2014   

I was very happy with my visit.

Matthew L    August 5, 2014   

No complaints. Everyone was friendly and professional. Clean Facility.

Cindy C.    June 4, 2015   

The doctor's office was very pleasant, and meeting with Dr. Kalra was a very nice experience. She had a great bedside manner, was very accommodating, helpful, and informative. She answered all of my questions and clearly cared about my well-being. She is a great doctor, and I wish to keep her for years to come!

ChangChang    February 3, 2015   

Excellent! All staff are nice and they explained all the exams to me so I felt relax when taking the exams. I was here for yearly physical exams.

Rosa L    December 31, 2014   

The visit went very well. Dr. Kalra took her time. She listened too. She asked good questions and provided me with a thorough review.

Anne G    November 3, 2014   

It was great. Very thorough & friendly staff.

Joseph Kennedy    July 12, 2014   

Doctors patiently conducted interview regarding my medical history and listened attentively to my medical concerns. Medical assistant was courteous and polite and also attentive to my medical needs and concerns. Comfortable and attractive office space and facility. Easily accessible. Excellent visit.

Sammie W.    July 14, 2014   

Very nice office. The staff and doctors were nice also.

Sam M    July 25, 2014   

This was my first time at this office. The assistant was very professional and friendly, and Dr Kalra was extremely professional and helpful. Highly recommended to anyone who resides in the DC surrounding areas.

Shaina P.    September 17, 2014   

Very professional and efficient. She was thorough in assessing symptoms and made sure the patient understood everything.

Susan C.    July 14, 2014   

Excellent caring wonderful experience! So pleased & look forward to future visits.

Diana R.    January 27, 2015   

I really loved the service. The medical assistants were very friendly and helpful. The doctor was very sweet. I would highly recommend my friends and family to this practice.

Amanda G    February 4, 2015   

Dr. Seem gave very helpful advice, seen in a timely manner and nice staff

Sheryl L    December 16, 2014   

She pays attention and spends as much time as necessary to help you. She treats people like family. Can't say enough!!!

Clotilda Jayawardena    December 11, 2014   

Warm, relaxing and cozy office. Dr. Kalra is a great doctor, with compassionate bedside manners. She provided us with all the next steps needed to make the best informed health decision. She also took her time without rushing. Highly recommend her practice.

Martin F    October 30, 2015   

Dr Kalra has always been caring and helpful. Typically seen less than 15 minutes after appointment time. (MUCH less than other doctors)

Jasmine T    October 5, 2015   

I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Kalra, she answered all my necessary questions promptly, she is a great listener, and the staff are very kind. I would definitely recommend to others.

Hao Y.    November 28, 2014   

Dr Kalra is very patient listening to me. She is very thorough too. No pill pushing and promotes healthy lifestyle. She is very knowledgeable. Im glad i finally found a great family doctor in this new area.

Gokul V.    January 30, 2015   

Great! Excellent advice from Dr. Seem. Very friendly in nature and good listener as well.

Teresa Ramirez    August 26, 2014   

Attended me on time. No long wait for the doctor. She understood me very well and provided me with a specialist for my condition.

Jessica P.    July 12, 2014   

The staff is so friendly. Helped me with completing my paperwork and helped answer my questions. The staff and doctor took their time and i didn't feel rushed. I will refer my family and friends!

Daniel L    October 30, 2015   

I feel reassured that finally I will receive competent medical care.

Rebecca W.    December 8, 2014   

Throrough. All staff and Dr. Kalra were kind and professional. They answered all of the questions I asked.

Robert M    June 25, 2015   

I can have only words that Dr Kalra is exellent

Hugh Mcgahey    September 10, 2014   

It was a great visit.

Yoriko & Yukio K    December 23, 2014   

Very good.

Siraj D    February 13, 2015   

Dr. Seem was very informative and spent sufficient amount of time in hearing to my concerns and in providing his advise. I highly recommend this doctor.

Wesley V    February 18, 2015   

Excellent! Very thorough and caring!

Chiquanda L    November 25, 2014   

I enjoyed my whole visit. Everything and everyone was perfect.

Kathleen K.    July 9, 2015   

Dr Seem is an excellent and caring doctor.

Tijuana D.    November 5, 2014   

Excellent care. Dr. Manisha Kalra is very professional, a great listener and answers all questions and concerns. The medical assistant and nurse practitioner student were friendly and professional as well. The NP student answered all my questions and made me very comfortable during my visit.

Eden W.    October 22, 2015   

Dr Manisha Kalra took time to talk to me and she was a good listener

Sultan A    April 2, 2015   

I was extremely happy with my visit with Dr. Seem. He is very professional and took the time to explain things in detail. My wife also see's Dr. Kalra in the same office and she is very pleased with the entire staff. We will be recommending Dr. Seem and Dr. Kalra to our friends and family.

Hodan A.    October 30, 2014   

My visit here was very relaxing. The nurse was very gentle and had great bed side manners. Dr. Kalra is a wonderful doctor who takes her time to listen and does a thorough exam. She is very knowledgeable in many areas. She is a great primary care physician. I am delighted to have discovered her.

Phillip V    January 14, 2015   

Very friendly, professional and informative. Thanks!

Claire R    July 28, 2015   

Dr. Seem is by far the best doctor I have ever had. He is the most thorough, knowledgeable and patient doctor. I really appreciate the fact that he genuinely cares and is not in a rush to be out the door. I would highly recommend Dr Seem to all family and friends.

Sai Sravan C.    November 25, 2014   

Exceptional care. Dr Manisha is compassionate and competent physician.Her staff was friendly and helpful. My health is her top priority. She listened to all of my concerns with lot patience and offered the right solution.

Mutinta M    December 17, 2014   

I think you were all professional. Had no problem with any staff.

Nancy H    December 16, 2014   


Tejal M.    October 6, 2014   

Amazing experience! Doctor and co-workers were so caring, kind and overall awesome. Hands down the best doctor's visit I've ever had in my life. Can not wait to recommend them to others! Great experience.

Michael M    March 19, 2015   

New to area, Doctor Seem did not rush visit, asked questions and is comfortable for me.

Anthony J    February 10, 2015   

Dr. Seem & staff are very professional. Bedside manner with dialogue are given at each visit and appreciated. Thank you for your dedication & teamwork.

Andrew Fish    December 8, 2014   

Pleased with visit

Maria Maestros    October 6, 2014   

Both Dr. Kalra and her staff were very pleasant, informative and extremely helpful. The office is very clean and overall a very positive experience.

Gregory C.    July 28, 2014   


Charity M    January 22, 2015   

Thanks for helping me with the health insurance issue. Dr. Kalra was informative and patient.

Sarah S    April 21, 2015   

Finally a doctor who actually listens to what you're saying! Dr. Seem thoroughly educated me on my treatment options and we worked together for a course of action that I am happy with.

Joseph Z    February 25, 2015   

Dr. Seem gave good service and was very organized

Ananthi R    January 15, 2015   

I'm glad that I stepped in the right place. Right from the reception everything was fine. The doctor was patient enough to listen and explained the cause and the treatment for illness. The co-workers were also good too. I feel satisfied.

Saunak D    July 28, 2015   

Great bedside manner, Dr Seem spent a lot of time with me explaining what my ailment was and how it was caused. I would highly recommend him to others.

Sundar S.    September 12, 2014   

I would heartily recommend Dr Manisha as she is a very competent, compassionate physician who has the patient's health as her top priority. She gives the patient a lot of her time to ensure their ailment is addressed in a prompt manner

Gerson G.    November 7, 2014   

Excellent! Warm, friendly, highly professional, thorough. I never felt rushed.

Linda A.    January 30, 2015   

Very high tech docs office. I was very impressed.

Krishna Kuppa    December 10, 2014   

Today's visit was very useful and got lot of personal attention

Marcela Carbo    October 2, 2014   

Dra. Kalra es muy profecional y atenta, al igual que todos en su oficina. No sabria como expresarme mejor de Dra. Kalra y todo sus ayudantes.

Fatima S    December 23, 2014   

Visit was great. Dr. listen to my concerns and gave me good advice and an action plan.

Lacresha M    September 3, 2015   

I appreciate Dr. Kalra so much. she takes the time to listen to you and tries to come up with a comprehensive diagnosis. She is always supportive. She is amazing!!! LOVE HER!!!!!

Rachel P    November 4, 2014   

My visit with Dr. Kalra was great. The staff were timely and friendly. I felt like all my questions were answered. This appointment was one of my most pleasurable health care experiences to date!

Doug B    January 5, 2015   

The visit was very professional and we liked that the doctor took plenty of time to discuss our health issues and did not seem rushed.

Jane S.    July 23, 2015   

Dr. Seem is very professional and thorough. I felt very confident about having him as my primary care physician.

Lev Kishchukov    December 9, 2014   

I'm glad to visit Manisha Kalra.

Tracy J    February 10, 2015   

Fantastic! Kerlin was so nice and Dr. Kalra is wonderful!!

D. R.    December 2, 2014   

Great doctor! Warm and conversational! Welcoming office!

Deanna C    December 16, 2014   

Everyone was professional and friendly. They took their time with me. I didn't feel rushed.

Sravani R    January 26, 2015   

The doctor (Manisha) and her staff were great. They made me feel comfortable, allowed me to ask questions ad patiently listened to me and gave me good guidance and answered all my questions appropriately.

Kevin W    August 10, 2015   

Very thorough. Dr. Seem takes plenty of time to review and explain everything. He seems to truly care for his patients' well-being and enjoy his work

Ajit V    June 16, 2015   

Dr Rohit Seem is highly professional and is extremely thorough

John B    October 12, 2015   

Dr Kalra is very thorough and professional. Excellent bedside manner.

Ruth M    January 2, 2015   

Great! Doctor was very attentive. Nurse was also very helpful.

Venkateswarlu K.    May 22, 2015   

I am very comfortable and am satisfied with Dr. Seem's attention to the patients and understanding about patients concerns and speedy redressal.

Rabia M.    July 12, 2014   

It was pretty pleasant, warm and comfortable. I liked the polite treatment from both the assistant and the doctor. I enjoyed it.

Tami Floyd    July 21, 2014   

Nice office - New and CLEAN. Friendly receptionist/assistant. Caring and patient. Prompt service/Attention Doctor LISTENED & addressed every concern. Very Professional . Current magazines. Nice music (relaxing)

Jessica C    December 23, 2014   

Great staff. Doctor listen to concerns and is very helpful.

Rosario M    December 17, 2014   

The staff are very nice. The doctor is nice, calm and good.

Rajika J.    July 24, 2015   

I have absolute confidence in Dr Kalra and I am very happy she is my Primary Care doctor. She took care of my situation very well.

Dace K.    January 21, 2015   

I don't know. It was just a Physical test. She was gentle and patient. Her assistants are very nice.

Raj Gohil    December 8, 2014   

Visit was wonderful. Everybody seems nice and organized.

Cheyenne B.    August 5, 2014   

I felt comfortable. The doctor took their time.

Suseela K    December 17, 2014   

Everything was nice. Doctor spends good time with patients asking required questions on patients problems.

Jocelyn C    January 15, 2015   

It was great, they made me feel very comfortable and answered any questions that I had.

Sally P    June 25, 2015   

Dr Kalra and staff were welcoming and professional. I was not sick rather was there for a physical exam. I was thoroughly satisfied with the visit.

Parent of Sara F.    August 6, 2014   

Very great. She is patience, give all the answers

Priscilla D    August 18, 2015   

great doctor office, friendly people, short wait time. doctor had good bedside manners, listened to what i had to say

Karen M    September 2, 2015   

Dr Kalra is very professional and thorough. Definitely inspires confidence. Once the exam got going there was no time wasted, but it also didn't feel hurried. The office staff are extremely friendly. I also got good referrals for follow up on a few matters.

Alicia M    October 16, 2015   

I appreciated that Dr Kalra took her time with me and allowed me to explain my entire medical history and where I thought connections should be made. She seems very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable talking to her. All my concerns were addressed.

Jennifer C    August 19, 2015   

think I have found a new primary care physician. Very happy to have found Dr, Kalra. Went in for a diagnosis for a problem and we have a plan of action to find the solution. Nice to have finally found someone who is interested in getting to the bottom of things. She presented her diagnosis and where we go from here. Good bedsides manner, willing to listen to my concerns.

Alyssa L    December 19, 2014   

Dr. Kalra was very nice. There was no wait for my Friday morning visit, even when I made my appointment online last night. The office is well kept and easy to get to. Great overall experience.

Fabian    September 3, 2014   

We had a very nice experience Dr. and assistant were very professional and friendly. It make me feel good.

Hattie M.    September 30, 2014   

I thought it was a wonderful visit!

Cynthia D    April 1, 2015   

Fabulous, Great! Dr. Kalra listen and explain all the medical terms. She was in no rush unlike other professional I have seen in the past.

Jaqui M    October 30, 2015   

Dr Seem is a great family doctor. I used to dread going to the doctors but the whole experience of this practice, including support staff, is pleasant and relaxed. This makes visits painless. I particularly like how carefully Dr Seem goes over all past notes and makes sure to check every health issue

Scott Den    September 25, 2014   

It was a really good visit

Kathleen K.    June 4, 2015   

Dr Seem is very understanding and well versed in the latest medical literature. He gives the feeling that he cares. I have confidence in him.

Abirami B    March 3, 2015   

It was so pleasant to meet Dr. Seem today. He was so kind and friendly, discuss about health problems. He explained all the health issues which I could understand very easily. I would highly recommend to my friends and family. I am so glad to visit his office.

Sarah M    September 29, 2015   

Dr. Kalra is extremely kind and attentive. She spends adequate time during the patients visit and answers all questions. She is pleasant and approachable, qualities that have ceased to exist in the medical field. I am personally very satisfied with the service rendered at this office. Thank you.

Tonya H    October 30, 2015   

Awesome 1st Visit!!! I really like the friendly office & professional staff. Dr. Kalra was very nice, polite, professional and direct with information on my 1st visit! I felt very comfortable addressing my inquiries with her.

Indra R    October 8, 2015   

Dr Seem very well discussed about my blood test result and the consequences of taking more or less medication.

Tim D    September 24, 2015   

Front desk was polite and efficient. Dr. Kalra has great side manner and listens closely to what you say. She is superb and I recommend her highly.

Tracy B    October 7, 2015   

I have been searching for a primary care doctor for several years. I wanted one who would have time to discuss everything I wanted to without rushing out of the room. I wanted someone who wouldn't push unnecessary meds or prescriptions and would be interested in working holistically with me. I wanted someone who was up to date on new research. That's what I found with Dr Kalra. Everything about the practice was clean, efficient and welcoming.

Ron B    February 10, 2015   

Dr. Seem was very thorough, very pleasant.

David W    August 20, 2015   

Dr Seem was pleasant, courteous and caring. I would recommend him without reservation.

Mayra C Moncada    October 1, 2014   

Very well

Chineasia S    November 26, 2014   

Love it. The doctor was excellent and so was the staff.

Brea M    January 8, 2015   

Dr. Kalra was very thorough and professional. Very impressed and would recommend.

Justin M.    July 12, 2014   

Good job all around. Quick wait time, thorough service.

Hao Y.    October 28, 2014   

Dr. Kalra was very patient listening to me. She is very thorough too.No pill pushing. And promotes a healthy lifestyle. She is also very knowledgeable. I'm glad I finally found a great family doctor in this new area.

Daniel S.    October 8, 2014   

She and the staff were very friendly and professional I think they did an excellent job with my sons check up

Tanya B    June 23, 2015   

Visit went great! Dr. Kalra is a great doctor. I highly highly recommend her.

Diana A.    July 12, 2014   

We loved it! People are very nice & friendly! The doctor answered all of our questions. We really like coming here!

Vidya M    August 20, 2014   

Had a Relaxed visit and friendly staff

Vinh N.    December 2, 2014   


Abdulfattah N.    July 12, 2014   

It was excellent and we had a full service.

Moki E.    July 17, 2014   

Great! Thorough, quick & professional.

Richard L    November 19, 2014   

Very professional and caring staff. Friendly and welcoming environment. Also very knowledgeable physician and staff, including nurse practitioner student.

Charles M    October 3, 2014   

I was satisfied!

Rose M.    July 6, 2015   

The staff were pleasant and professional. Forms we had filled in with Zoc Doc helped the new patient registration process, although there were more forms. There was a bit of a wait in the waiting room and in the examining room, but no more than 10-15 minutes. The nurses' pre-examination collection of information and height/weight/blood pressure was professional and thorough. Dr. Kalra was very calm, unhurried and struck a nice balance of discussing issues with us and with our daughter. Her advice was very balanced and she generally created an air of professionalism and confidence.

Cynthia P.    June 3, 2015   

Dr. Kalra has helped me a lot within this short period time. Love her!

Jing    September 10, 2014   

it was a great visit. the Dr. was very pleasant, exellent.

Cynthia P    May 19, 2015   

Today was my first visit with Dr. Kalra and was wonderful. She acknowledged all my health concerns and made me feel much better. Enjoyed my first experience at her office and looking forward for my follow up appointments.

Derek B.    July 12, 2014   

My visit with Dr. Kalra was Great. The staff was very friendly and very professional. Dr. Kalra was very concerned and attentive. I recommend anyone to her office.

Chen S    February 4, 2015   

Dr. Seem was Great

Margaret B.    September 16, 2014   

Dr. Kalra was great. She took plenty of time to listen to my problem and to ask questions. She seems very knowledgeable, efficient, thorough. I'm thrilled with her! The office staff were great, too, very friendly and courteous.

Samir L    January 5, 2015   

Very good, organized and quite knowledgeable

Candice M.    July 16, 2014   

Very thorough and i did not feel rushed. Dr Kalra explained nutrition and is adamant about diet and exercise. Thank you!

Jasmin L.    July 12, 2014   

Check-In was convenient . Staff was nice. Didn't have a long wait time. Dr. was informative and a great listener. Office is comfortable and clean.

Gay N. Gooen    November 4, 2015   

Dr. Manisha Kalra is an outstanding physician...I took my daughter to her because she had a goiter. To make a long story short, Dr. Kalra provided my daughter with the finest care and an intense caring and concern. My daughter subsequently had thyroid surgery and is so much better, getting stronger every day, and we owe it to Dr. Kalra and her very appropriate diagnosis. Dr. K.'s office is immaculate, the front desk care is outstanding, and the other physician who works with her is also kind and caring. I can't say enough good things about this practice.

Martinique Brown    October 14, 2014   

Very great. First time patient and Dr. Manisha was very helpful with explaining things to me and making sure I understood everything. Kind and friendly staff.

Kathy T    October 21, 2014   


Mohamad Khan    August 20, 2014   

I felt very comfortable.

William P    August 17, 2015   

I was seen for a routine annual physical exam. Dr. Seem was very thorough and knowledgeable. He asked alot of questions about my health and health habits which I take to be the mark of someone who was really interested in my well being

Atwan K    January 8, 2015   

Good. Thorough. Answered all my questions.

Gregory Snowden    September 3, 2014   

Very Well Run!!!

Brooke    December 12, 2014   

I really enjoyed it. Everyone is very warm and welcoming, especially the doctor.

Sophie V.    July 12, 2014   

It was good. You guys are great. Keep up the awesome work.

Ruth L    January 5, 2015   

Great! Doctor was very attentive. Nurse was also very helpful.

Kathy D    January 5, 2015   

Very good! Excellent bed side manners. I love my new doctor! Thank you!

Kathleen M    August 21, 2015   

Enjoyed the office visit and all the staff. Dr. Kalra is very knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner!

Karla P.    June 3, 2015   

If you are looking for a new doctor because you are not satified with your present one or because your insurance changed then you should look no more because Dr. Kalra is terrific! I went in for my first time appointment and physical and they were able to draw blood right in the office. There was no need to spend more time in going to a lab, it was so convenient! She is a doctor that shows that she really cares about your health and takes the time to explain every question that I had. I think she is the caring doctor that everyone deserves. Don't hesitate, choose her as your new doctor, I have!

Maria P    December 29, 2014   

Excellent doctor, very personable, staff was also great.

Anjali S    February 20, 2015   

Dr. Kalra great and front staff was excellent

Sam Shin    October 14, 2014   

It was nice. They were very helpful.

Ed Samuels    July 12, 2014   

Its my intent to show appreciation for the hard working staff in recognition for their efforts - from the front desk to the nurses station. I have always been given a professional approach followed by outstanding efforts that seemlessly look after the patients needs. I am impressed by the Family Medicine Shady Grove Team. THANK YOU!

John C K    December 15, 2014   

Dr. Kalra's front desk is very professional and courteous. They are very patient orientated, ensuring that any questions, or concerns are answered. Dr. Kalra has become my primary doctor. She is very attentive to the symptoms experiencing, and after exam, provides a detailed and caring course of action. One of the best Primary Doctors ever!

Nicole W.    May 29, 2015   

Dr. Kalra is very informative and professional. Took the time to hear symptoms and gave me a clear understanding of how to treat it.

Narada L.    August 15, 2014   

My first visit to see Dr. Kalra left me with a great impression! Her staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Kalra is an amiable doctor and very knowledgeable. She was genuinely interested in getting to know me, understanding my medical history and I did not feel rushed as is typical of many doctors. I highly recommend her to everyone!

Ines M.    July 23, 2014   

Exceptional care. She listened to all of my concerns and offered additional areas to review. I will be converting my entire family to Dr. Kalra

Paramjeet S.    December 10, 2014   

Excellent service. I am so happy to have my doctor as Dr. Manisha Kalra!

Folusho Akinde    December 5, 2014   

Professional office staffs, excellent customer service, and neat working environment. The physician is highly professional, on point with the technology in her office, and articulate with detailed information in every aspect of the health system. I'm glad she is my PCP.

Lisa H.    July 12, 2014   

Easy to talk to. Very professional.